Secure: constructed for your most precious load  ◀️
CAPABLE: transports up to 3 kids  ◀️
LIGHT: Weighs only 24 kg  ◀️
COMPACT: 182 cm long  ◀️
Strong: handles 200 kg   ◀️
FULL OPTIONAL: variety of serial accessories   ◀️
MECHANICAL O ELETTRIC: choose whichever you prefer!   ◀️
Fits up to 3 kids   ◀️
Weighs only 24 kg  ◀️
182 cm long   ◀️
Carries 200 kg   ◀️
9 gears   ◀️
Disk brakes   ◀️

Are you constantly tired of losing precious time in traffic jams and feel stressed?

Discover the exceptional promotion of a Kombi model, the latest jewel of Yuba house, from the best kid-friendly bicycle manufacturer.


A bicycle like this one would have cost 1.500€  mechanical and 3.500€ (electric)

In addition +

▶️   Central stand, get on and off for children at only € 99;

▶️   Spring in the handlebar to keep it straight at € 20;

▶️   Front and rear lights kit at € 45;

▶️   Front fender at € 35;

▶️   Rear skirt-shaped fender with value, protection for kids at € 27

Supplied accessories value is equal to € 226

Vale € 1776  Can be yours at the price of € 1199

And it is not over yet!

Only if you buy no later than …

In addition

+ we offer free delivery at the price of € 100

+ extended 5 years guarantee worth € 300

Overall saving is € 626

The final price is less than its real value

This offer is valid only online.


The frame geometry, used materials and carefully chosen components were specifically studied in order to carry safely up to 3 kids with 200 kg overall weight!
24-inch wheels lower the center of gravity increasing the stability.
The compact frame makes it easy to handle and to drive even with the maximum load behind.
We can safely trust our most precious load – our kids. We can just fit in it up to 3 of them.

Did you know that it is forbidden to carry more than one child in a normal bike?
Traffic regulations do not allow it not to mention the common sense.
The same regulations allow to carry up to 4 kids in a bicycle specifically designed for this goal.

And the Yuba Kombi was specifically designed to carry safely our most precious load.
Buy now the Yuba Kombi with the amazing offer.

Isn`t it awesome?!

What you will get and when


In case you buy the Kombi model right now you will get this new and highly requested mechanical cargo bike at 1500€ or electric one at 3500€ + accessories included :

  •  Fender 35€ ;
  •  Spring 20€ ;
  •  Stand 99€ ;
  •  Lights kit 40€ ;
  •  Skirt mudguards 89 €


Free delivery!
5 years of extended guarantee!
This offer is valid only online.


This Kombi model is sold much earlier than it arrives in Italy and we are running short of pieces to deliver in January and February.

We have a few Kombi to deliver in January but you still can make it in time. Do not wait! Do not miss your chance!

If you order it immediately you can start a new 2020 season with it!

💳     We accept bank transfers, credit cards and Paypal.

Satisfied or Refunded!!!

There are no risks or fear! If for some reason you are not satisfied we refund you the money!

You have
30 days starting from the day of the delivery to try it in the comfort of your house and decide to keep it or give it back! Buy your Kombi without stress.



Yuba bikes correspond to all the international and European standards.


All our bicycles are manually made with the use of the best components, electronics and materials.



With more than 40 accessories none of the other cargo bike takes care of your needs like Yuba.


A cargo bike construction requires a much more complicated production compared to a traditional bike.

Bicycle frames of Yuba Family have been specifically constructed to ease driver fatigue and to ensure the maximum balance.

Infact, a little genius, the new Yuba Kombi becomes our irreplaceable friend in everyday life.

You can take the kids to school even if you have 3 of them, go to work avoiding traffic jams, pick up the kids and maybe give a lift to their friends, buy a snack in supermarket or do your grocery shopping in order to organize a super fun Sunday picnic.

All of the above is a piece of cake  with your new friend, cargo bicycle YUBA Kombi.

Do not miss it this season! Buy it with a discount, bonus and gifts.

Customer reviews


182 cm long and 24 kg of weight this bicycle is capable of transporting 4 people for a total of 200 kg!

Yuba Kombi is a bit longer than a classic bike but it is a powerful cargo bike that can carry up to 3 kids!

24-inch wheels together with a compact frame makes it maneuverable and easy to handle even with a load behind.

We can entrust it our most precious load that is our child and fit up to three of them without fatigue.

No effort in case of accommodating one kid!

Its solid frame turns this “little genius” into the most genial compact cargo bike that exists. It leaves behind all the other cargo bikes of the same category.

Take the opportunity of the amazing offer!

Do not inhale the smog anymore and stop your children inhale it!

It is scientifically proven that a cyclist inhales less smog than a driver.

Yuba Kombi is the instrument to do everyday chores without traffic, stress in addition doing exercise!


When YUBA KOMBI has been invented  the idea was to give major value at a low price without compromising the quality.

YUBA BIKES founder Benjamin Sarkazin has always been fond of bicycles, their capacities and the role in sustainability. He gave a hard task to his team. In the beginning everybody was incredulous but his enthusiasm and passion made engineers and industrial designers create his dream that was called Yuba Kombi.

It was named Kombi because it combines both resistance and capacities of the big cargo bicycles together with the compactness of the bicycle that is not bigger than a classic city bike. Just imagine that it is only 30 cm longer than the folding ones!!!

You can make it yours at €1199. Family bike with a minimum value of €1726 it is a real gift of the YUBA house to all the families!

There’s no other cargo bike that can offer you the same characteristics at the same price! And that’s not all! We have a promotion for you that includes more gifts and services at a lower price! Don’t miss it, the offer is limited.

Ask for the offer and do not miss this mobility “genius”.

We also have a partial payment plan!

10 interest- free instalments or even up to 48 convenient instalments. 


▶️   Do not miss the opportunity to receive it in January as we are rapidly running out of stock.

✔️     Do not miss the most requested bike of 2020!

 This offer is valid only online.

Payment in instalments.

All of us know that a sum equal to 1199 € can be quite high for a family budget. Even if it is rather a saving, cause you save immediately on petrol, parking not talking about time saved and gained health. A lot of families like us save on tax, insurance and their car maintenance. And we leave it frequently in garage.

Anyway to help you with the purchase we have included a payment plan with various solutions for any need. In this way you can pay your bike in 10 10 interest-free instalments and we pay the interest rate!

If you want lower rates you can divide your payment in 24-36 , instalments even up to 48 convenient instalments! !

To benefit from the payment plan it is  enough to proceed and choose payment plan. Then you will be directed to our financial partner Sella personal credit (Bank Sella) where you will be able to choose the suitable instalment plan.

Buy your Kombi with a payment plan!


You’ve got me right! Yuba Kombi can be electric as well!

Powerful engine Active Torque 250W flattens even the most challenging uphills! Many km to go, a significant load to transport, diverse uphills to overcome.. No fear! The powerful engine Active Torque allows you to arrive anywhere in time and without fatigue.

With its intelligent system Active Torque feels the pressure when pressing on the pedals and increases the power.

In this way you have a right push anytime you need it without wasting the energy and consuming uselessly the battery. It’s elegant lines complete the modern and fresh style of the stunning Kombi family bike.

It conforms with the European norms of Pedelec system. The characteristics are power 250 W, force 60 N/m, autonomy 50 km, battery 12 Ah, charging time 3 hours. Display characteristics are night luminosity, 4 power levels, adjustable eco display, tour, speed, turbo.

There is the additional mini console close to the handlebar to facilitate the access to controls including speed sensors.
Buy immediately electric Yuba Kombi!

Hi! I’m Ben, the founder of Yuba. I’ve grown up on two wheels in Strasbourg, France. In this picture I’m together with my cousin Benoit riding our first cargo bike.

As long as I remember I’ve been always fascinated with bikes and their capacities.

Traveling the world I couldn’t help noticing the importance of the bicycle in various cultures where it sostituites the car. I have also seen that with the increase of wellness people abuse driving cars instead of bicycles losing the joy of little things in everyday life.

That’s why I have founded YUBA BIKES.

The best part of being the YUBA founder is the moment when I see a family riding a new bike from a bicycle shop towards new adventures. When mothers tell me that they feel safe picking their kids from school, stopping by in a grocery store etc. And smiling all the way up.. in this very moment I know that I have done the excellent job!

Kombi model that I’m presenting is the newest model that I’m really proud of because it’s the result of all our passion and collected experience without saying that it is the most affordable cargo bike of all times. We’ve made our best to make it affordable for all the families!

It’s even more convenient with this promotional offer!

Make your choice!

Change your city! Change your life! Be a good example for your children! Give them a better future!

Amsterdam hasn’t always been a bicycle paradise. It happened due to the smog and traffic protest of its citizens. Now it is the city where there are more bicycles than cars.


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